Rainelle portaits

Rainelle portaits

Graduate student Justin Hayhurst edited and printed on site.
We thank the people of Rainelle for your hospitality and hope you enjoy these pictures made by the all-volunteer WVU Reed College of Media Photo Corps. The pictures on this site are for you, the people in the photos - to download for your personal use, to make prints for your enjoyment and share with your family and friends. Flood waters often destroy precious photographs, so we've set out to help make new photo memories with portraits and to document the lives of West Virginians. These portraits were made in Rainelle, WV on Sat. Sept. 3, 2016 by Prof. Nancy Andrews and Annie O'Neill with graduate student Justin Hayhurst assisting. Copyright 2016 by Nancy Andrews and Annie O'Neill. Thanks again.

About WVU Photo Corps

The West Virginia University Reed College of Media Photo Corps is a volunteer effort by college faculty, staff, students and friends to help the people of West Virginia and Central Appalachia through photography.

When the floods hit parts of West Virginia in the summer of 2016, we asked ourselves how we might help. We originally offered to photograph damaged photos and restore the digital copies. But after talking it over with Krista Williams at the Rainelle Volunteer Reception Center,  she was most excited at the possibility of making new photos instead. We agreed.

On Saturday, Sept. 3 we set up an outside studio as part of Rainelle's Fall Festival. We made portraits and prints on site, but most of all we felt like we made new friends.  It was a wonderful experience for us. We thank the people of Rainelle for being our beta test and being so open to sharing yourselves by participating in the portrait sessions. We hope you enjoy the photos. We hope others enjoy them too.

If you are interested in having the WVU Photo Corps visit your area please contact us. 

-- Nancy Andrews, Ogden Professor of Media Innovation

nancy.andrews [at] mail.wvu.edu

NEXT EVENT: Contact us at nancy.andrews @ mail.wvu.edu if you are interested in the WV Photo Corps visiting your community.

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